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Campus Action Groups on the Environment

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Get involved with a campus group or committee dedicated to developing our sustainable campus.

Campus Sustainability Office 

Established in 2006, the Campus Sustainability Office bears responsibility for coordinating, promoting and implementing the University’s sustainable development activities. The Office works to develop positive solutions for today's economic, social and environmental challenges.

A truly collaborative effort, the Office’s activities are informed through its daily interactions with individuals, organizations and departments across the campus and guided by the policies and practices approved by the University’s Sustainable Development Committee (SUDCOM) .

uOttawa Sustainable Development Committee 

SUDCOM provides advice and insight to the University of Ottawa’s Administrative Committee on matters related to best practices and socially responsible behaviour as these apply to sustainable development. The Committee meets a minimum of four times per year and all are welcome to attend.

SFUO Sustainability 

Home to the Student Federation’s work on campus sustainability, the SFUO Sustainability Centre organizes events (Green Week) and programs aimed at engaging students in the fight to make our community more socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

Environmental Law Students Association 

The ELSA is a group of Common law students of the University of Ottawa who promote environmental law, implement environmental change, and stimulate the discussion of environmental law issues. Their approach has been diverse and continually changing; hosting expert speakers from a breadth of environmental law fields, establishing coordinated programs for a more sustainable University and raising awareness of environmental issues through student events.

Green Campus 

Green Campus is a volunteer organization devoted to enhancing the environmental sustainability of the University of Ottawa. Currently working in cooperation with the Sierra Youth Coalition, Green Campus has designed - and begun to implement - the Green Campus Sustainability Framework, an indicators-based tool used to evaluate overall campus sustainability, and subsequently suggest improvements.

OPIRG Ottawa 

OPIRG Ottawa’s mission is to bring together and build upon a broad-based community dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice. OPIRG Ottawa – is concerned with the contribution students, the University and the community can make towards social change.

Institute of the Environment

The Institute of the Environment's mission is to support interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in environmental research and education and to promote an understanding of the environment in the community at large.

The Green Team CUPE Local 2626

The Green Team CUPE Local 2626 belonging to the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 2626 has made a commitment to go green. The Local executive has created a union environment committee, open to all members, and has partnered with Ecology Ottawa's Green Buildings and Workplaces Challenge, to promote environmental issues within the Local and across campus.

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