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Community is the essential ingredient for sustainable development. Because of the complex nature of the many relationships involved, strong community links are required to facilitate a truly sustainable process.

Education is the key first step in building community. Although sustainable development is well known, very few people understand what it is and how they can be involved in the process. The University believes building a common understanding around the concepts and principles of sustainable development and bringing together interested community members to work on sustainability issues are essential to long-term success.


  • Increase awareness of all campus community members about sustainable development issues. Current measurement not available


  • Launch Sustainability Web site
  • Launch awareness campaign
  • Host campus sustainability events (fairs, conferences, etc.)

Campus Initiatives

Green Weeks

Held annually, Green Weeks strives to address sustainable development themes as well as possible solutions. The Student Federation, along with multiple partners, presents a week filled with workshops, games, panels and speakers with the purpose of raising awareness and action in sustainability.

Campus Sustainability Office

Established in 2006, the Campus Sustainability Office is responsible for coordinating, promoting and implementing the University’s sustainable development activities. The Office works to develop positive solutions for today's economic, social and environmental challenges.

A truly collaborative effort, the Bureau’s activities are informed through its daily interactions with individuals, organizations and departments across the campus and guided by the policies and practices approved by the University’s Sustainable Development Committee (SUDCOM).

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